Open MIC

Open mic with Hasain & DXter – Everything you need to know about ADCS and ADFS

Join two hard core IT-security geeks in a reoccurring online roundtable discussion about everything regarding PKI and federation in the Windows platform.

Nothing is predefined or scripted (as in manuscript :)), just a relaxed and open discussion answering YOUR questions about PKI, certificates and federation.

The hosts for this event are:

Hasain “The Wolf” Alshakarti: Enterprise Security MVP and internationally acknowledged speaker and trainer. A world leading IT-security expert with strong focus on networks, PKI and certificates. Hasain is a very well-known speaker at international events such as TechEd US, TechEd Europe, TechDays, TechX, etc. For his hard, solid achievements over the years, Hasain has been rewarded “Sweden’s leading IT security expert” and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Enterprise security multiple times. He is a sought after speaker and extremely popular instructor at various events worldwide. Hasain is also an active member of Microsoft Extended Experts Team (MEET) and one of the few that successfully combines his expertise in application development and IT technology.

Fredrik “DXter” Jonsson: Enterprise Security MVP, consultant, trainer and speaker, driven by strong passion and understanding for IT Security. Ever since he was 18, he has had the entire world as his field of operations, spanning from private companies of all sizes to global international enterprises and even foreign governments, regardless if there are fifty employees or fifty federation servers or certification authorities. He has also a very philosophical view on PKI and federation in general and very often thinks more about the word “why?” rather than “how?” when it comes to architecture. During the day you can find him at customers designing, implementing or troubleshooting ADCS or ADFS and in his spare time on different forums helping people with their ADCS and ADFS issues.

Scheduled meetings:

Registration URL:

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    Start time 8/4/2015 8:00 PM GMT+01:00
    End time 8/4/2015 9:00 PM GMT+01:00


Download previous meetings:

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  Open Mic 16 June 2015 - ADFS Bloopers

  Open Mic 19 May 2015 - CNG & ECC

  Open Mic 28 April 2015 - ADFS vNext

  Open Mic 31 March 2015 - ADCS vNext

  Open Mic 24 February 2015 - WIF enable your applications

  Open Mic 27 January 2015 - TPM Key Attestation

  Open Mic 16 December 2014 - Federation in the cloud

  Open Mic 18 November 2014 - ADCS in non-Windows environments

  Open Mic 7 October 2014 - Troubleshooting Federations

  Open Mic 1 July 2014 - ADCS Certificate Enrollment

  Open Mic 27 May 2014 - ADFS do's and don'ts

  Open Mic 29 April 2014 - ADCS & ADFS Automation Mania

  Open Mic 25 March 2014 - ADFS Backup, Restore & Recovery

  Open Mic 25 Februari 2014 - ADCS Backup, Restore & Recovery

  Open Mic 28 January 2014 - ADCS & ADFS Myth Busting

  Open Mic 3 December 2013 - Ticket based authentication – How it works

  Open Mic 15 October 2013 - ADCS & ADFS News in Windows Server 2012 R2


  1. DennisD says:

    Får man önska sig ett ADFS “do’s and dont’s” senare i höst. 🙂

    • Självklart Dennis! 🙂

      Men varför vänta tills senare? Vi kan ta upp det lite snabbt redan nu om du väll. Även ADFS 2.2 i Windows Server 2012 R2 har också do’s and dont’s. 😉

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