This site and book is dedicated to our thoughts, ideas, passion and “belief” regarding PKI and certificates in the Windows platform.

We both love Active Directory Certificate Services and the features, functionality and possibility that it provides for people, computers and security.

We have a strong passion for digital identities and want to help other people to share our passion and learn from our mistakes, saving you from having sleepless nights or stressed days. This is our work, this is our hobby, this is our passion, these are our beliefs, this is a $TRUE Geek Guide to Active Directory Certificate Services, by geeks for geeks.

// Hasain “The Wolf” Alshakarti & Fredrik “DXter” Jonsson

  1. Göran Husman says:

    Spännande! jag ser fram emot att läsa denna bok.

    Kör hårt, boys!

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